About LVML

Now in its seventh year, The Landscape Show is brought to you by ‘Landscaping Victoria Master Landscapers’ (LVML) who work to spur the industry forward in achieving the goals of quality, pride and professionalism across all landscaping services. We’re a strong network of members who share an unwavering commitment to our craft.

From humble beginnings in 1966 with a handful of members, Landscaping Victoria Master Landscapers has grown to be a force within the industry, influencing trends, improving standards, and advocating on behalf of members to bolster community confidence in our trade.

LVML serve the landscaping community right across Victoria and it because of this inclusive desire to elevate the landscaping industry as a whole that The Landscape Show was born. Connecting with peers and suppliers stands as a crucial step in any business’s growth, and this event provides an unmatched day of networking and inspiration for all landscape professionals.